Church & Community Changes

What are the things that we value a lot here in Oxnard Church is – Friendship. We want our friends and our communities to understand that relationship is crucial not only from a Biblical perspective but from a community perspective as well. It’s how we do things, it’s how we live our lives, it’s how we purchase, it’s how we interact with our neighbors. Relationships are crucial for any Community to continue its growth. One of the biggest mistakes that we see in communities nowadays, even churches all around United States it’s something that we call Independence. We are all independent from each other. We are all independent from the gospel, and everyday we are farther away from the truth it seems.

Leaders & Pastors Need Change

We believe we should go back to the truth. We believe we should go back to Jesus’s words and change our attitude from within. Part of this effort is there really search within ourselves the things that we must fix and the things that we must consider before doing any action. We should pray we should study the scriptures and we should be open to change. Something that has caught my attention over the years, the fact that many pastors and leaders do not listen carefully and thoroughly to their community members or church members. Date sometimes are more interested in giving a great advice without ever knowing if that advice was ever coming from the scriptures before from a mere experience but they had 10, 20 or 30 years prior to that conversation.

Church Members Need Change

We should in fact be open to change in this change can not only come from pastors and leaders but to all members of its communities. We encourage each and every member to consider some key factors in this post. First: Consider the fact that your pastor or leader they all together are not perfect, and they have flaws. It’s a good practice to consider each and every single member in the church as well as each member in leadership as normal human beings, limited in their own knowledge and experiences. Second: Just as Jesus once said: ” no student is greater than his master…”. So a good practice is to simply asked questions. Make sure that the leaders and Pastors in your own church understand what you are going through in your life in the present time. Don’t hide information from them and be open to change.

God Bless You All!

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