Focus on What’s Important Now

What’s important now that is the ultimate question we should ask ourselves. In this day and age we are surrounded by new ideas new principles and ideals, and at the end of the day we accomplished almost nothing. It’s imperative we should look towards the future however what’s the most important thing you and I should do right at this second. Ultimately this is the question we should ask ourselves, not only from a personal perspective but also from a business perspective as well. When we hired out of state contractor to help us with our church building, we looked at a company that knew exactly what they were supposed to be doing. Nowadays it’s really hard to find companies that know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and this was very important to us.

So ask yourself these questions: Are you spending time on social media and doing many other things that you are not proud of? Are you spending time with the ones you love and those who are true priorities in your life? We understand how busy we are and how hectic the world can become all around us, however one must stop and focus on what’s important now. What should you be doing right at this moment that will make all the difference in somebody else’s life?

Looking at The Perfect Role Model

Thinking about these things, we can certainly look back to our Lord Jesus Christ and perceive that he did what was important for him and for all the people all the time. The question that we should ask is why are we so busy? Why don’t we have enough time with those who care the most about? Why is it that anytime I try to do something something else gets in the way?


Well, if we look back to the lives of those who walked with Christ, we will see that they truly understood what it meant to do what was important at that moment. I remember when Jesus was thirsty and he was looking for water, he stopped at the water well with the Samaritan woman. For many what was important for Jesus was the water, but for Jesus on the other hand, it was not.

What Jesus Knew About That Woman

 – That woman at that exact time needed so much more than a mere glass of water.
– That she needed life and true life.
– That woman was needy and she was waiting for change.
– That woman was waiting for the Messiah.

Thinking a Bit Deeper

Let’s think about this for a second. We all think we know what is important to us right now, but the truth of the matter is we do not know exactly what is the trooper already we should focus all of our energy and resources so we can make a better judgement on what’s next. It is important for us to focus on what’s important now, as it will save us time and energy and we are sure to get many things done.

What You Should Ask Yourself

So ask yourself: What’s important now? We could use an acronym that reads “WIN” and this is what matters the most. For some people their work matters the most, for some others what matters the most is there a time spent with their families, before Jesus was to redeem people from a fallen and corrupted world and save all mankind. For this, his whole life trying to do just one thing and one thing only, what to bring forth the kingdom of God and his love mercy and righteousness and justice to all mankind.


It is no different for your local business located in New Jersey. In order for you to grow your business you have to focus on what’s important and the task that you have in hand because if you don’t, we’re going to be used for somebody else his priorities and you are sure to be left behind.

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