Designing a Company Culture

There are important aspects that every company should be conscious about. They include their employees, their customers and also the neighboring community that they serve. This is because how they handle these aspects reflects on their core values.

What is a culture
Culture is the set of shared values, attitudes, goals and practices that characterizes a company. We can also define culture as the conventions and practices aligned with a particular field or activity. It is what you do or say. Similarly, how you treat each other, your products, customers and they community you serve. To note is theta the head of a company have a great impact on the nature of the culture existing in your institution. Below is how to design a company culture that cares about employees, customers and the community your serve.

Designing a culture
It is said that they exist only two ways of creating a culture in a company. By considering and consciously desiring to create one or letting the culture building itself up without giving too much effort and thought.

•Teach it
One way of designing a culture that will be effective is teaching your staff what your expectations are. This will help in making the culture come to be a reality. During orientations, give a full description on the way you like things to be working. This include talking about the informal ways in which your employees will interact and also how your employees will interact with your customers.

•Define it
Any company have different managerial positions each having different leader. Therefore, before adapting a culture there should be an agreement among the leaders. However, coming into that agreement might not be easy. There should be a discussion among the leaders to reach into a consensus. Ensure you put your vision in writing so as to make it viable.

•Live it
Culture is much defined by what you engage in. Your actions. A company culture is built slowly over time. Therefore, it essential that you live it out in your actions. Especially among the leaders in your company. This is because the staff normally are conscious of your actions. Similarly, the clients in your company are able to perceive some changes in how they are treated by your employees.

•Measure it
Measuring the success brought by adapting a new culture is essential in making it a reality. Team work, support and collaboration can be measured just as fun. Getting a result-oriented company, then measuring the impact that your new culture has created is essential.

•Reward it
Designing a culture that cares for your employees, customers and the community you serve is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and patience. You should adapt different ways of rewarding changes among your employees and customers. Positive cultures apart from growing over a long period of time, also take a wide range of rewards and recognition.

Designing a new culture is requires communication, persistence, relentless follow up and also a little luck. This is because of the existent of cultural gaps. However, it is essential that you adapt to one.


This video is a few years old but what Jay Wilkinson says about how important a company culture is can provide huge value to those of us who are just starting to embark on company ownership and creation.  It’s definitely worth watching.




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