About Oxnard Church

We want to welcome everyone to Oxnard Church. We are founded in the strong beliefs of change. We don’t believe in change of actions simply, but a change in inner attitude. We believe in a life that is built on love and care principles and that will go beyond out own morals and ideals. We believe your voices should be heard and that your self-esteem should only increase when you join forces with your neighbor. We believe in giving back, we believe in a life with a purpose and a purpose that will transcend anything in this lifetime. We believe your life to touch the lives of others and that the energy within you can spread to those around.

We believe in a life that deeply cares for the neighbor. We believe that you have what it takes to make tangible and strong changes that will impact not only those nearby but also those from afar. We believe you are the center of God’s love and His son Jesus Christ is risen and he is alive forever more!

We want to welcome you, those who are thirsty and hungry for righteousness, we welcome those poor in spirit, we welcome all who are weary and tired, because we know that in Christ, help can come, rest can come and peace will reign over you.

Welcome to Oxnard Church of Jesus Christ – if you need a hand, just say hello.