Designing a Company Culture

There are important aspects that every company should be conscious about. They include their employees, their customers and also the neighboring community that they serve. This is because how they handle these aspects reflects on their core values.

What is a culture
Culture is the set of shared values, attitudes, goals and practices that characterizes a company. We can also define culture as the conventions and practices aligned with a particular field or activity. It is what you do or say. Similarly, how you treat each other, your products, customers and they community you serve. To note is theta the head of a company have a great impact on the nature of the culture existing in your institution. Below is how to design a company culture that cares about employees, customers and the community your serve.

Designing a culture
It is said that they exist only two ways of creating a culture in a company. By considering and consciously desiring to create one or letting the culture building itself up without giving too much effort and thought.

•Teach it
One way of designing a culture that will be effective is teaching your staff what your expectations are. This will help in making the culture come to be a reality. During orientations, give a full description on the way you like things to be working. This include talking about the informal ways in which your employees will interact and also how your employees will interact with your customers.

•Define it
Any company have different managerial positions each having different leader. Therefore, before adapting a culture there should be an agreement among the leaders. However, coming into that agreement might not be easy. There should be a discussion among the leaders to reach into a consensus. Ensure you put your vision in writing so as to make it viable.

•Live it
Culture is much defined by what you engage in. Your actions. A company culture is built slowly over time. Therefore, it essential that you live it out in your actions. Especially among the leaders in your company. This is because the staff normally are conscious of your actions. Similarly, the clients in your company are able to perceive some changes in how they are treated by your employees.

•Measure it
Measuring the success brought by adapting a new culture is essential in making it a reality. Team work, support and collaboration can be measured just as fun. Getting a result-oriented company, then measuring the impact that your new culture has created is essential.

•Reward it
Designing a culture that cares for your employees, customers and the community you serve is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and patience. You should adapt different ways of rewarding changes among your employees and customers. Positive cultures apart from growing over a long period of time, also take a wide range of rewards and recognition.

Designing a new culture is requires communication, persistence, relentless follow up and also a little luck. This is because of the existent of cultural gaps. However, it is essential that you adapt to one.


This video is a few years old but what Jay Wilkinson says about how important a company culture is can provide huge value to those of us who are just starting to embark on company ownership and creation.  It’s definitely worth watching.




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Long Term Financial Value in Your Business

The financial value in a business is made up of three elements. These elements are profitability, security, and growth. Most businesses find it hard to grow their financial value and often stagnate. The few businesses that grow their financial value incorporate a variety of strategies. Below is how to create long-term financial value in your business.

How to achieve business growth for financial value growth
To achieve growth, it is wise to determine the type of market you are in. Expanding and new markets offer an opportunity for small businesses to grow. Mature markets like soft drinks are hard to enter. This is because they are dominated by large companies. Hence you will want to sell to the large firms or change markets.
You should also consider if your business can be scaled up. This involves expanding into other markets or areas. It also involves franchising the business, or buying the competition.
Determine your focus. It should not be too broad or too narrow. If it is too narrow you will fail. If it is too broad you will struggle for direction and difficulty in growing. You can outsource some aspects to make the focus narrower. But don’t give out too much control.
You might lack the resources to achieve your goals. You will want to consider partnering up with another firm. Instead of coming up with your own channels for sales, you could partner up with a distributor.
How to make a Business Stable to achieve financial value
A business has more financial value if the profits can be predicted.
Acquiring intellectual property like designs, inventions and rights to content are important. This is especially in IT industries where software rights are key issues.
Owning or letting property in long-term can increase the long-term financial value of your business. It provides potential capital growth and security.
Mailing lists and other customer data than you carry are very valuable. Protect it by keeping cloud back-ups or digital back-ups.
You should patent, trademark or copyright IP rights that you own. This is dependent on the form that it takes.
If your business is dependent on employee skills, protect the intangible value. Do this by giving incentives, loyalty bonuses and more.
How to take a bigger market share to add financial value
Increasing the share of the market will increase sales, attract better talent and increase brand visibility.
Even a small business can still be a market leader if they use a smart strategy. Define your firm as the leader in a niche. This could grow into a new market.
A great brand is easy to recognize, it captures your business concept. Differentiate yourself from the competition and with that, come up with a robust brand identity. A great brand interests new clients, maintains the business identity via pivoting and growth, and big brands can be diversified into new markets.
Also, change your positioning of the market. Determine whether you are targeting the budget part or the high-end market. Diversifying into a wider range of client budgets can reap high profits.
Also know that if your strategy works and you grow, you will begin to attract robust competition. Protect against this by protecting your IP, avoiding complacency, and developing robust customer relationships.
Growing your financial value can be difficult but it is very possible. The above strategies can be beneficial in your efforts to grow your business.




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How to Create a Powerful Brand

The word is taken from the Old Norse word, brand that refers, “to burn”. It means to the adoption of manufacturers burning the mark or brand on to their goods. Making a brand for your business, book or non profit is easy; however it makes the useful benefits. The normal person’s is spinning with lot of information which they cannot get track of all products, ideas and services on them. Hence a brand works like ally by making a mental shortcut which creates you easier to remember. You have to follow certain tips to create a strong brand.


People are branding daily, due to the reason people contain finite brains and require a fast method to recall the things around them. Therefore, a brand hit you daily in to the mental action of remembering things. If you allow other people building brand for you, the result will generally be negative, due to the reason people do not totally understand who you are. Thus, you should actively handle your brand to make an imagination among leaders of your value, uniqueness and expertise. Do not think that people thinking of you is positive, sometimes it may not be. A best brand must create you outstanding from the several of other choices. If not, there is no point in possessing a brand. This may seem clear; however plenty of people still overlook this detail.

Positive feel:

You want a brand that is attractive, memorable and easy for those to tell to someone else. Logic creates people assume, however emotion creates them act. Your brand must produce a positive feel of connection. If you cannot do readers and leaders experience a magnetic attraction, your brand is weak. It is not sufficient to just contain a smart catch phrase. The brand should show how you do other people’s lives in the better manner. In the business industry, best brands attain this objective like save money and live better. It tells that the life will be better because people will be saving money.

Memorable phrase or tagline:

The tagline or phrase is memorable and they present results. An excellent brand establishes you as the effective option like the Nordstrom’s of the field. Along with being unique, the brand must position you like the best choice. If the brand turns out to be synonymous with quality, you have obtained strong marketing power acting on your side. When you are finding on how to create a powerful brand, then it is necessary to follow all these guidelines. A best brand should present your own interest. The reason for this is you will be individually accountable to receive it before everyone. It is such as attempting on a new suit or dress.

Attractive :

You purchase the one that is good suitable for you and creates you think confident. While you make a brand, you should feel positive, comfortable and excited to share the brand with the public. If the brand is attractive to leaders, you are going on the right direction. If it is not appealing, it will obstruct the development of your business. While you make a strong brand, you position yourself like to move to choice for a particular requirement, interest or genre.




It doesn’t matter what industry or service you are in, your brand is your business. No one knows that better than Island Overhead Door. They have made their name doing overhead garage door installation and repair in Nanaimo and the surrounding areas.


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How to Create a Sustainable Business – 2 of 2

When you want to build a business or considering growing your church there are many factors that can help you achieve it. Note that the structure from a church and a local small business are similar in many ways. But let’s continue the conversation and see what’s in store for us, shall we?

You Income is Important

Your capacity decides your income. Initially, income will be not exactly the size you can deal with. Additional time, as individuals come to comprehend and value the quality you convey, the demand for your item or service will increment past your capacity. You ought to have an arrangement on the best way to raise capacity if demand increases.

Always Consider Your Costs

Your expenses ought to be by the exercises that produce income (you ought to have a quick thought of the considerable number of tasks that aides creates revenue in your business). You’re evaluating procedure ought to fuse what it costs you to create $1 in income taking into account your anticipated capacity. Likewise, make sure to charge for the propensities you need to discourage In outline, constructing a feasible business includes understanding your business sector and giving them what they need. The better you are at conveying esteem, the more fruitful you will get to be.


In conclusion, a sustainable business is a legal entity that is independent of its owners which can create income on an ongoing basis without damaging its future. The Credit Crunch has shown that traditional businesses are unsustainable, even without taking into account the pollution & climate change the Governments have being subsidizing for the past 200 years because they assume plundering a profit is always beneficial despite the evidence.

Outdo Any Past Mistakes & Challenges

To make a profit a business traditionally extracts money from customers in-excess of the money, it pays to obtain the goods it sells so customers can only remain customers while their money supply is growing faster than prices. A sustainable business will do what it takes to use its resources efficiently to maintain its ability to serve people’s needs now & long term because they know what they do not only effects them but effects their suppliers; their customers and the rest of planet Earth.


A sustainable business will treat existing customers with respect they deserve as essential partners (because they know they are up to 10 times cheaper to sell to than new customers) – trading a nominal token of value called money for a solution to their problem. When the business’s purpose is just to get money to fund the owner’s lifestyle, then it will be a struggle to deal with the employees who are only there because they do not know of better ways (like share trading or eBay or blogging) to get an income.

Making The Most Out of Your Investment

However when the business’s purpose combines the creating the real benefits to users (that the voluntary sector demonstrate) with interest to business stakeholders (owners; workers; suppliers & customers) for a win win win situation, instead of the usual win – lose scenario that created the Credit Crunch, everyone will be prepared to help your business become the sustainable (sustainable) independent income producing center that legally it is already.


Having a clearly defined purpose will guide the right workers & customers to you and will enable you to make the right decisions about which changes you should adopt and let everything come together without all the hassles so productivity increases. Having a clear purpose will enable to an owner to design the business so he will have the choice to sell up for ten times the annual profit any time he wants in the future. should be your go to place to call for any and all tree services that you might need.  Check out their website or give them a call today!

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How to Create a Sustainable Business – 1 of 2

For a business (or even a church driven community) to stay economical, it must be self sustaining or have a similar system. The way to get there on the most proficient method to Create a Sustainable Business is comprehending what your clients need, be it for a Lawn care Burnaby or website design, and offering it to them.

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